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Audit and legal and accounting expert’s reports

Demetra OOD Accounting Office provides its clients with the following audit services:

  • Audit of annual financial statements with opinion expression and certification by an auditor
  • Auditor’s obligations to perform procedures that have been agreed upon with the client - inspection of contracts and/ or plans for company reorganization, inspection of credits, lease agreements, arrears, etc.
  • Audit procedures for limited review
  • Internal control system inspection and recommendations on its improvement
  • Financial information compilation - collection, classification and summarisation of financial information by means of accounting expertise, that is needed by management to make a management decision
  • Performance of procedures that have been agreed upon – performance of procedures that have been agreed upon concerning individual financial data items (e.g. obligations, receivables, purchases from related parties, etc.), a financial statement component (e.g. balance sheet) or an overall financial statement to issue a report of factual findings
  • Inspection of forecast financial information - includes inspection of financial information based on assumptions about events that may occur in the future and the possible actions carried out by the company. Forecast financial information may include a financial statement, as well as one or more of its components
  • Special purpose auditor’s obligations - audit of financial statements prepared in accordance with the requirements on a comprehensive accounting basis - specific accounts, financial statement items, contractual terms and conditions observation, a summarised financial statement

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