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Labour and Remuneration

Demetra OOD Accounting Office provides its clients with the following labour and remuneration-related services:

  • Calculation of basic and additional labour remunerations.
  • Calculation of leaves and compensations
  • Calculation of social security and health insurance contributions
  • Preparation and submission of Declaration-Form No. 1 and Declaration-Form No. 6 (by means of electronic signature)
  • Preparation of payment orders for remunerations and social security and health insurance contributions
  • Civil contracts – accounts for fees, references, declarations
  • Representation in case of inspections and revisions performed by the National Revenue Agency in relation to state public insurance, additional mandatory pension insurance, health insurance
  • Preparation of company establishment plan
  • Preparation of Employment Contracts and Additional Agreements
  • Preparation of Notification under Article 62 of the Labour Code
  • Used/unused leaves tracking
  • Employment Contract termination documents – records of service, references, notifications
  • Preparation and declaration of documentation related to documents for temporary incapacity for work
  • Health insurance record certification. Preparation of Retirement Certificate 2,3

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