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Mediation is a voluntary, informal and confidential procedure for dispute resolving, in which a neutral third party - a mediator assists the disputing parties in reaching a mutually acceptable agreement by themselves and by their own will.

Mediation advantages

  • The parties themselves specify their interests and priorities
  • The parties themselves control the result of the procedure
  • Mediation preserves and restores the relationship of the parties
  • Dispute resolving by means of mediation saves time
  • Mediation is cheaper than legal proceedings
  • Mediation takes places in a friendly and sympathetic environment at a time that is convenient for both parties
  • Any conversations and agreements between the parties remain confidential
  • The registered per cent of agreements that have been reached by means of mediations is high
  • Mediation is the procedure where no other person imposes their will on arguing parties and there is no losing party

Disputes that may be resolved by means of mediation

  • commercial disputes – between traders; related to commercial transactions; membership in commercial companies, banks, financial disputes, competition, intellectual property, etc.
  • insurance disputes – insurances, insurance indemnification payment, etc.
  • employment disputes – employment contracts – termination, compensations, remunerations, lenght of service, etc; collective employment contracts
  • unauthorised impairment – property and non-property damage
  • disputes concerning tenancy relations – rental price, damages, tenant ejectment

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